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FinTech LIVE Singapore




Apr 16, 2024 ~ Apr 16, 2024

11:30 am ~ 03:30 pm (UTC: +08:00)

FinTech LIVE Singapore

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Event Summary

Embark on a transformative journey through the digital corridors of FinTech at the much-anticipated FinTech LIVE Singapore 2024, scheduled for April 16th. As the financial landscape evolves, join over 1,000 virtual attendees at this one-day extravaganza, where innovation meets insight, and networking transcends boundaries.

Immerse Yourself in Unparalleled Learning and Networking
Engage with the crème de la crème of Finserv, Banking, and Insurance as C-suite, V-suite, and Director-Level executives from prominent organizations across the APAC region converge in a virtual symposium of ideas and expertise. Be at the forefront of industry trends and gain insights from internationally acclaimed speakers to shape the financial landscape.

Explore Key Themes Driving Financial Evolution
Delve into cutting-edge discussions on Payment Technology, Digital Banking & Neobanks, Open Banking, and Customer Experience. FinTech LIVE Singapore promises dynamic keynote speakers, interactive panels, and a high-energy atmosphere that will leave you inspired and equipped to navigate the evolving financial ecosystem.

Unlock Networking Opportunities at Every Turn
Seize the chance to connect with like-minded peers and established companies throughout Asia. The virtual platform is designed to facilitate meaningful connections, allowing you to schedule meetings and network seamlessly with C/V/Director Level Executives globally.

Maximize Your Participation: Reasons to Get Involved
Brand Awareness: Elevate your brand's visibility by featuring in marketing emails to their global network and all event attendees, pre, post, and during the event.

Virtual Networking: Leverage their event platform to connect, schedule meetings, and network with key decision-makers in the industry.

Thought Leadership: Showcase your expertise by publishing content through their digital magazines, driving traffic to your website, and converting readers into customers.

Lead Generation: Achieve a tangible return on investment with fully enriched lead files and delegate information for post-event demand generation and prospecting.

Don't miss this golden opportunity to be part of FinTech LIVE Singapore 2024 – where the future of finance is being shaped, and connections are forged in the virtual realm. Secure your place now and be a catalyst for change in the world of FinTech!

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