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Future of Digital Supply Chain Summit


Apr 9, 2024 ~ Apr 9, 2024

09:00 am ~ 06:00 pm (UTC: 00:00)

Future of Digital Supply Chain Summit

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Participate in the Future of Digital Supply Chain Summit (5th UK Edition), which is scheduled to unfold its brilliance on 9th April 2024 in the vibrant city of London, UK. This 1-day summit promises an immersive experience, blending revolutionary keynotes, innovative case studies, and insightful panels that delve into the future of digital supply chain management.

Join a global congregation of thought leaders, industry peers, and solution providers as they unravel the potential of traditional supply chain analytics seamlessly merging with cutting-edge technologies like AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain. This summit is not just an event; it's a convergence of minds, a dynamic platform where ideas meet execution, and innovation paves the way for a transformed sustainable future.

Explore the latest trends, best practices, and success stories that define the digital supply chain landscape. Engage in meaningful discussions with experts who are shaping the industry and gain actionable insights that can revolutionize your approach to supply chain management.

Why attend? The Future of Digital Supply Chain Summit isn't just a glimpse into the future; it's a roadmap for success in the rapidly evolving digital era. Learn how AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain can act as synergists, propelling your supply chain toward unprecedented efficiency, transparency, and resilience.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a pioneering event that goes beyond networking - it's about forging connections, sparking ideas, and propelling your organization into a digitally empowered future. Secure your spot now and be a catalyst for change at the forefront of the digital supply chain revolution. See you in London on 9th April 2024!

Organized By :

group futurista
group futurista informationinformation

Event Organiser, Estonia

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Location :

Conference Centre, England SE1 9HH, United Kingdom

1 Attendees:

  • Ben Torkornoo

Ben Torkornoo

6 Speakers :

  • Mark Murphy
  • Theodore Filis
  • Jordi Delgado
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Mark Murphy, Theodore Filis, Jordi Delgado and 3 Others