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Metaverse Toronto Summit

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Save the date on April 9th, 2024, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for the Metaverse Toronto Summit, a groundbreaking event previously known as WEB3 Toronto Summit. As Canada's premier blockchain conference and exhibition, they are excited to showcase key players in the NFT, blockchain, and Web3 spaces.

Organized by the visionaries behind DX3 USA and DX3 Canada, renowned for shaping the future of technology in retail and marketing, the Metaverse Toronto Summit is dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology. Their agenda is carefully curated to provide a comprehensive platform for attendees to discover and learn about the transformative potential of NFTs, Blockchain, Web3, and the evolving Metaverse.

Their primary objective is to set the stage for industry contenders, experts, and enthusiasts to delve into the real-world business applications of these cutting-edge technologies. The event is strategically co-located with DX3 Canada 2024, creating a synergistic environment for cross-industry insights and collaboration.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this transformative experience. Register now to secure your place at the forefront of the Metaverse Toronto Summit. Attend in exploring the limitless possibilities that the convergence of technology, business, and the Metaverse holds for the future. Embrace innovation and chart your course in the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain and Web3 technologies. See you at the Metaverse Toronto Summit!

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dx3 canada
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Event Organiser, Canada

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Location :

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, 255 Front St W, Old Toronto, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2W6, Canada

9 Speakers :

  • huma aslam
  • jonathan bench
  • anna bittner
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huma aslam, jonathan bench, anna bittner and 6 Others