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Official Global Web3 Exam




Nov 27, 2023 ~ Mar 1, 2024

08:00 pm ~ 09:00 pm (UTC: +02:00)

Official Global Web3 Exam

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BitDegree, in collaboration with Web3 pioneers like Unstoppable Domains, Upland, BYDFi, CoinStats, Kyber Network, AAG, and others, announces an innovative Global Web3 Exam. This event transcends traditional exams, offering a fun, educational celebration of Web3 knowledge with a unique, gamified experience.

Spanning three levels, the exam caters to a diverse audience - from Web3 novices to seasoned enthusiasts. Its open-book, interactive format ensures participants not only verify their knowledge but also expand it in an enjoyable manner.

The substantial $500K prize pool includes an array of rewards from partners – ranging from premium subscriptions and merchandise to crypto tokens and NFTs – further motivating participants. This initiative is a testament to the partners' shared vision of nurturing an informed, skilled, inclusive, and safe Web3 community.

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bitdegree informationinformation

Event Organiser, Lithuania

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