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Trade and Investment Forum 2024


Apr 16, 2024 ~ Apr 16, 2024

09:00 am ~ 06:00 pm (UTC: 00:00)

Trade and Investment Forum 2024

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Unlock the potential of trade finance as an investment asset at the second annual Trade and Investment Forum, hosted by BCR in collaboration with ITFA, on April 16th, 2024, in the vibrant city of London.

Delve into insightful discussions on the evolving dynamics between trade finance and investors. Explore the impact of the groundbreaking Electronic Trade Documents Act, enacted just last year, and its role in propelling trade finance into a coveted asset class. Witness how cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing the perceptions of institutional and private investors towards trade finance, opening new avenues for lucrative investments.

Be part of the conversation as they unveil the latest initiatives aimed at bridging the trade finance gap, paving the way for a more expansive market for trade assets. Whether you're an asset manager, insurer, fund manager, trade finance bank, fintech enthusiast, or simply intrigued by alternative investments with promising risk/return profiles, TIF24 is your gateway to unparalleled networking and invaluable insights.

Attend SMBC Bank, London, on April 16th, and be at the forefront of shaping the future of trade and investment. Don't miss this opportunity to connect, collaborate, and capitalize on the exciting prospects awaiting in the world of trade finance! Reserve your seat now for TIF24, where opportunities abound and innovation thrives.

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Liverpool Street Elizabeth Line, 100 Liverpool St, England EC2M 2AT, United Kingdom